Ocean Diver

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to dive, the BSAC “Ocean Diver” course is for you. It is designed for beginners and provides the essential knowledge and skills needed to prepare for open water diving.

Initial lessons take place in the safety of a swimming pool or sheltered water followed by an introduction to open water in a controlled, safe manner to a maximum depth of 20m. Experience and confidence will be gained under the guidance of a qualified instructor.

To enroll on the course you must be 16 years or older and be able to demonstrate a basic level of competence in the water.

You’ll learn to be a BSAC Ocean Diver in three stages:

  1. Lessons and theory assessment on the basic principles of scuba diving
  2. Five pool dive lessons to learn the basics
  3. Five open water dives to further develop your scuba diving skills