2018 Farne Island Trip


Farne Islands 31 Aug to 2nd Sept.

Winter is coming …
As the intrepid divers travelled north towards The wall
the days got shorter, the nights longer, the sea
The Farne Diver left sea-houses harbour heading towards fabled Farnes and the mystical creatures that live there.
The Wamsees was the first underwater encounter with seals lobsters, crabs and other alien creatures.
On dive 2 at Megstone Enisa passed her Ocean diver keeping Roy happy underwater.
Barry qualified as sports diver with flying colours.
Again we saw a lot more playful seals.
Day 2 saw 2 deeper dives on the Hoppers and knivestone rocks where boilers and wreckage and hungry rass followed the divers around.
Deep gullies filled with wreckage concealing merry mating crabs weird lobsters and giant jellies.
That night pub talk was of daring exploits fighting with lobsters and crabs.
We looked at amazing photographs whilst tucking into plates of giant cod and meat pie.
Day 3 saw dark choppy seas and a bouncing boat towards the Hoppers with its deep gullies.

The last days diving with seals was plentiful and enjoyed by all.

Thanks once again to Captain Lee for being a wonderful skipper who gave us 6 seal filled happy dives.
The happy divers having done there time in the frozen north and are now heading to the warm south.


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