Busy morning at Stoney Cove


Sunday 3rd April 2016 – Stoney Cove

Really busy morning at Stoney Cove again. We were all lucky enough to enjoy some good moments of sunshine. Water was a chilling 5-6 degrees and viz not worth mentioning
but, hey, we all had a really good time!
Over a dozen of the HSAC Team pitched up and were spoilt and very well looked after by our Diving & Training Officers Alan & Roy and our newly appointed photographer Nur.

As for me, I can confirm I dislike my new dry suit – after 3.5 years of diving on the old suit, I vote yes to cuff dump and no to the shoulder dump I currently have.
Mike and Matt had a very interesting second dive, I am sure they will share that with you all. Dan spent most of the day soaking wet and freezing cold after diving all day with two leaking suits!
Here’s looking forward to our next Club Dive, which is, I think, Sunday 1st May 2016.



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