Diving in Chepstow, Wales



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Diving in Chepstow, Wales on the 17th November 2018.
The return of the Harlow Sub-Aqua Club divers.
Part 1
The vow to return to the murky underworld to conquer the army of gnomes at 10 meters was fulfilled.
The brave divers from Harlow descended with light sabre torches to seek and destroy the army of gnomes lurking beneath the surface.

First they encountered the diving bell and an assortment of military. Vehicles ,Aeroplanes an APC and an Army of perch.
Temp of 12 degrees and viz of 10m favoured the gnomes so they survived to fight another day.

The second dive took the adventurers to a depths of 22m.
A double decker bus and a huge aircraft that the adventures swam through. They then descended to the dark depths but the gnomes were not at 40 meters.

Rising back to 20 m the hunt continued. Several small wrecked boats and a motorbike failed to reveal any gnomes. So the divers ascended to 4 m and unfolded the Harlow banner to claim
conquest of the lake.


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