Diving the National Dive Centre Chepstow


Chepstow, the recommendation of Jim the diver our new chairperson Anthony booked diving at the ndac dive centre. Divers left Harlow in brilliant sunshine and arrived to a wet soggy windswept Wales. 2 days of tropical typhoon weather ensued. After loading gear into the yellow bus we where escorted to the quarry to set up camp on the very organised pontoons 6 divers took the plunge into crystal clear waters to explore the unknown.

The 6 soggy but happy divers were drenched before we got into the quarry. After exploring lorries tanks gnomes Buddhas and swim through the divers emergered into brilliant sunshine. Dive two was to be a testing dive for the budding sports divers to an exploratory depth of 40 meters!! At 40 meters viz was good and a fraction chilly.

The 6 unnarked happy divers emerged in warm temperatures but gusting blizzards and horizontal rain. Soon had dry suits zipped up again. The typhoon conditions unfortunately cancelled the zipwire experience so the bar called earlier. We had so much fun the divers have agreed to go back in October staying once again in the fun and well equipped deluxe wigwams.


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