Malta Dive Trip 2017



Hello All,
I arranged a trip to Malta with Paul Surridge, Dan Beavis and John Skipper, Gloria Skipper, Carol Surridge and Corinne came also.

We had a lovely time there, 6 great dives, we went for 5 days, came back early hours this morning, first day was a break we went to the old town Valletta, that was nice place to visit, plenty of history.

Then 3 days diving, and the last day was a chilled one again, we had a nice hotel over looking the sea, place called the seashells.

1st one was in a place called Cirkewwa (right arch) shore dive, this was a lovely reef dive about 17 metres, with a tunnel and a lovely arch that we finned through.

Second dive of the day shore dive, this was the Wreck the Rozzi, max depth 30 Metres, this was a reef dive with the wreck a tug boat that was placed there, at the turn around point, went in side and came out by the internal ladder access, nice wreck to see, still whole so that was good, plenty of Marine life.

Second day we went to Zurrieq, (Farout Blue) shore dive.
Max depth we did was 35.5 metres for this, this was a fishing boat that sunk in 1990. This was a great dive, went in about 30 metres, through corridors, up ladders ect and exited about 18 mtres from it. Then a reef dive on the way back, plenty of Marine life.

Second dive we did a reef dive at Farout, left reef) shore dive. Nice casual dive, about 19 metres Max depth, we all enjoyed it but we were spoilt with the first dive.

3rd day and last day of diving we dived the p31 ( blue lagoon) boat dive. This was a fantastic Dive, down the shot line and a little fin to the wreck, you could see the wreck from the surface, viz was that clear, our Max depth 19.4metres , finned around the wreck in and out of it in mutable places, the light beaming in the windows and access panels was amazing.

Last dive was the Camino caves boat dive. Max depth we did was 14.3metres. This dive was a reef into a cave, came up inside at 4 metres to a air pocket then back down, through another cave followed by a reef dive back to the boat.

On the last day the ladies came also to see the views and enjoy a boat trip.

Can say we all had a fantastic time, plenty of laughs eating ect. Can’t wait for the next trip.


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