Sal Island, Cape Verde



On Wednesday the 20th of June, whilst in Cape Verde, island of Sal, I did a days dive. Dived with a company called Atlantic Star, I thought they were a professional set up.

My first dive I did, was a wall dive about depth about 20 meters, place called Pontinha, there was 4 divers and the guide, nice Reef to dive along and plenty of corals and marine life.
The second dive was a wreck called Santo Antao, just myself and the guide on that dive, what was great, depth was about 10 meters, loads of marine life again, plenty of puffer fish, various sizes, both dives were just under the hour, to get to dive sites was from a rib, so backwards roll entry, Guide commented on my awareness, helpfulness and diving, said was good, that was all down to my club, Harlow BSAC club.


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