Stoney Good Day


Under the watchful eye of our strict Training Officer, Divers from HSAC descended the depths of Stoney Cove with the rays of light from the abnormal massive sun, lighting the route to the Stangarth.
The Sport Divers had the task of attaching distance lines to the rudder and finding the wreckage of the Wessex helicopter and back again. After exploring the Stangarth, the intrepid bunch had to drills on the shot line and all did well.
Meanwhile, elsewhere in the blue lagoon, the prospective Dive Leaders were descending to 30 plus meters to put their computers into deco. At this depth brain freeze causes thinking to be impaired and slow. Building a structure out of bricks and rocks was a mammoth task.
While still in decompression, more drills were carried out including mask clearing at 15m.
Back on dry land and with a mug of chocolate debriefs carried out, plans were made for an exploratory dive to find the Ancient Galleon wreck.
A 60 minute dive, taking in the Wessex, tug boat, Ejector seat, old tyres finally ended up at the Galleon and a family of large Pike. The way back included “finding Nessie”, (on holiday), the flooded bus stop, and under Nemo’s bar.
Gas very nearly exhausted, delayed buoys set off and ascended into the picturesque setting of the Cove.
A very good day.


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